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Бикитиэкэ диэн сиртэн ылыллыбыт
Навигацияҕа көс Көрдөбүлгэ көс


Welcome to the Wikisource-family, sah.wikisource.org!

What do You want me to call this language? The code 'sah' is unfamiliar to me! -- Lavallen 04:08, 22 Кулун тутар 2011 (YAKT)

This is the Sakha language.
Unfortunately, i don't speak it, but I speak Russian, and not everybody here knows English, so i give the people here some technical help. --Amire80 04:36, 29 Кулун тутар 2011 (YAKST)

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I will make another request on meta. Thank you.--M.Gedawy 02:15, 17 Олунньу 2012 (YAKT)